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What to do with a pistol during a stop in Illinois?

Hi. I made a previous topic, but my situation changed (I found out that I don't actually need to go to Chicago) and Glenn Meyer advised me to make a new one.

Please do NOT advocate any activity that is even the slightest bit illegal. I'm not going to break the law, and I don't want this thread to get locked thereby preventing someone from posting a good idea.

So, in the next week or so, I'm moving from Texas to Michigan. It's not really a big move, as I've only been in Texas for a few months.

I'm packing up all of my stuff and heading to Michigan. My "stuff" includes one Beretta 92 in my trunk.

Now, I have a free couple of days, and I want to visit family and friends in Illinois while moving. It's on the way from Texas to Michigan, so this will be really convenient and really fun.

Problem is, the Beretta. I know that IL is not a firearm-friendly state. Now, frankly, I really really don't want to drive all the way home to Michigan to deposit it, then 500 miles back to IL, then 500 miles back to Michigan. That's an extra 1,000 miles. On the other hand, I don't wanna miss this opportunity.

I will NOT be going to Chicago - I'm going to be stopping in a nearby town, NOT the city itself. However, this town IS located in Cook County, the same county as Chicago, so I'm not sure if this would mean anything.

So, what can I do, here? The Gun Owners Protection Act won't apply because I'm actually stopping there for three or four days. My only thoughts were shipping it to an FFL in Michigan, but if I can avoid that hassle it would be nice.

I was also wondering if local police (or perhaps some sympathetic police nearby in the state) might have some place where visitors could drop off a pistol and they could take possession of it, then I could pick it up when I leave. Maybe someone in IL or nearby would have experience with this?

Anyone ever run into this problem? Please advise. I'm making this trip soon, so I'd love to get some help ASAP.

Thank you.
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