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Don't Give Up on Wheel Weights

Leave a 5 gallon barrel at each tire shop and offer to pay $8 per gallon. A full barrel will weigh almost 200 lbs, so take another container so you can handle it more easily. I figure about 20% waste. It’s dirty work .

I keep a pair of wire cutters handy when I do the “dirty pot” thing. If I doubt a wheel weight is lead, bite into it with the cutter. Lead will dent. Aluminum, zinc & steel will not.

Another method of detecting non-lead is to drop the questioned weight on the concrete floor. Lead weights will go “thunk”, others will “ping.”

The last method is to start melting known lead weights. Scoop out the clips and add new weights into the molten lead one at a time. As you add new weights, lead will melt very quickly. If one doesn’t melt, scoop it out. It may be zinc.

You’ll save a bundle of money on bullets. Clean pot lead alloy costs me about 25¢/lb. I can cast 30 230 grain 45 ACP per pound - less than a penny per slug.
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