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Lee Casting Advice

I like my Lee molds and pot much better than my old Lyman stuff. Lee's aluminum molds heat up fast and don't rust. They are also cheap. Follow the instructions on conditioning the molds. Instead of dropping your hot bullets on a towel, drop them into a 5 gallon bucket of luke warm water.

I cast two Lee 45 ACP bullets and I have only two complaints about their equipment.

First, the 10 pound production pot leaks, splattering hot lead all over the bench. Wear a pair of nomex gloves when you cast and keep a stubby slot head screw driver beside the pot to turn the rod 1/4 turn.

Second, if you buy a 6 cavity mold, get an extra sprue level. It’s cast and when cutting the sprue on big bullets like the ACP or the cowboy, the lever will break. To avoid being down until Lee replaces the arm, keep a spare. Lee should really invest in a milled lever. I’ve broken two in exactly the same place. I sent them a letter with a picture and they sent me an insulting note about how to use it. You're probably better off with three 2-cavity molds than one 6-cavity.

I don’t believe the “Tumble lube and don’t size” line. I do both.

Also, keep you velocities relatively low. If you overdrive these bullets, they will keyhole on you.
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