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Your car was searched because 'officer safety' trumps civil rights these days...

DUI checkpoints don't stand up to 'reasonable search and seizure' in all states...Reagan did the executive order for no knoock search warrants and usuing military on US soil for drug interdiction..he also put in the CA no carry laws when he was govr. Bush Sr did the original assaul weapons ban...

Your rights are not inalienable, they are given to you under the pretext that you have rights, when the powers that be decide that your rights are getting in the way of thier agenda or maintaining public order, they are usurped...just like gun grabbing in New Orleans during Katrina.

Get used to guys bought off on two wars to fight terrorism, you guys keep voting in peeps that take away your rights to feel safe...etc ect..

This is what you get...checkpoints...just like in China and Russia during the days of communism.

Checkpoints aren't so much about DUIs, but control...they check where you are going...for drugs, for warrants, for weapons, for revenue to give tickets...etc...

Remember this when you decide to vote for more law enforcement funding....
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