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I quite agree with your conclusion - Glenn Podansky's office wrote the letter attached in Appendix III, and noted that this was in effect a one-time balancing of the books that included accumulated error throughout the entire DOE nuclear complex, and over it's lifespan. Additionally, plutonium was not mentioned.

I am also far more concerned about Bloomberg's efforts to link the various "no-fly" list(s) maintained by different organizations with the insta-check process used to conduct background checks for firearms purchases.

People are put on "no-fly" lists for all sorts of reasons that do not include convictions for any crimes, and far more frequently than should be the case reports surface of errors and individuals being denied flights by mistake due to similar names, etc.

It is yet another of Bloomberg's endless efforts to restrict gun rights by any means possible, and it leaves a rational observer wondering just how much longer American citizens are going to be inconvenienced by the anti-gun agenda and personal vendettas of one completely entitled, arrogant, and narcissistic individual.
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