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son, fiancee and my wife stopped in roadblock

My 25 yo son took my vehicle last night to pick my wife up from work at 11pm. On their way back, they were stopped in a DUI checkpoint. It was a conglomeration of troopers, sheriff deputies and UNCG campus police.

My son open carried my beretta as he doesn't have a pistol of his own. It was holstered and being the law abiding citizen that he is, he had it in his lap. (I know, the dash would have been a better spot for it) He doesn't have a permit to conceal.

The UNCG campus cop approaches, sees the gun and as he asks if he can see it, he reaches through the window and takes it before my son can say anything. He then called for a deputy to come over. My family was asked the usual non germaine questions; where are you coming from?, why are you out so late?, what is your relationship to each other?

He then asked if he could search the vehicle. My son asked why. He was told it was to see if there were any more weapons in the car. My wife gave permission. (something I have preached in the past not to do) They were told to exit the vehicle and my son was patted down. The vehicle was searched and nothing was found.

The officer ran the serial number of the gun and it was returned with the ammo separated from it. They then were released to leave.

When they got home and told me, I was furious that their 4th amendmant rights were so flagrantly violated. They didn't get the officers name so I cannot even call to complain.

What say you?
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