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It's free. Read the rules.
I hear ya Bud.

I appreciate the free service that TFL allows... but really, are there many other gun forums that charge for this? How's that working out for them?

I've read the rules, I just don't read them every single time I post. They've changed a once or twice since I joined this fine community. It was a mental lapse on my part, albeit a small one.

Either way, I'll tell any and everyone that TFL is a priceless resource and one of the best gun forums on the web. I really do appreciate the time you guys put in to make this site run smoothly. Be sure that next time I post in the Buy, Sell, Trade forum I will remember to include my location in the title

BTW - Anyone interested in a Galco OWB for a Sig 229 let me know... I'm in Missouri
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