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1) would my a-bolt long action be a viable candidate?
Yep, but A-Bolts are not often used as donor actions. The barrels are glued in and it seems some smiths don't like to work on them for that reason.
2) what are some good choices in after market barrels?
Kreiger, Brux, Bartlein, Rock
3) would anything have to be done to the action or bolt to accommodate the smaller caliber?
Need a new bolt. The rim diameter of a 6.5x55 is smaller than your 7 Mag.
4) if the action/bolt needs work, can any gunsmith make the changes?
Maybe. I'd find one with a good rep, even if that means shipping. The cost of shipping is much less than the cost of a job done poorly.
5) what would you estimate the total cost would be for the above items?
$250 and up for labor, $250 and up for the barrel.

Because you'll need a whole new bolt, I'd just get another action. Since you can't shoot your 7 Mag, sell it and buy a long action 700 with the correct bolt face, Stiller, Surgeon, whatever and go from there. I think it'd work out in the end better than trying to remake your A-Bolt.

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