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how do I re-barrel an action?

Hi all,

my previous plan(s) had included the custom buildup of a 6.5 x 55 swede from the savage custom shop, but since money is so tight, I need to weigh steps/cost of a re-barrel. Due to two back surgeries and all the complications, I can't handle the recoil of my only deer rifle (browning stainless stalker 7 mag). Can you guys help me understand what's involved in a re-barreling job?

1) would my a-bolt long action be a viable candidate?
2) what are some good choices in after market barrels?
3) would anything have to be done to the action or bolt to accommodate the
smaller caliber?
4) if the action/bolt needs work, can any gunsmith make the changes?
5) what would you estimate the total cost would be for the above items?

Thanks so much for the help guys! I'm not very knowledgeable in these matters so I really appreciate it!!!
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