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I have heard that people like the Galco F.L.E.T.C.H but the reviews say that it can't be used with the hammer back.
I use a FLETCH holster. If by saying "it can't be used with the hammer back" you mean that the thumb break can't be used with the gun cocked, that is incorrect. The thumb break on the FLETCH works perfectly with a gun that is cocked with the safety on.

In fact, and I've got mine in front of me as I type, the opposite is true. The thumb break won't snap into place if the hammer is down.

In other words, the thumb strap would ride over the top of the hammer vs. riding under the hammer when it's cocked.

So, if you want to carry your 1911 in condition 1, the Fletch holster works perfectly for this carry mode.

If you want to carry with the hammer down, you should look at a different holster style. I carry a Springfield TRP by the way and it's a joy to carry with a proper belt and a good holster.

By the, the Fletch is a great holster and I highly recommend it.
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