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Young man I graduated from TSJC in 1986. I nevered worked for anybody except myself in the gunsmithing trade.
I did get a job in a factory as appretence tool maker. I have worked in factory all my life.
Now I am a machinist (the only one ) for a pork processer (slaughterhouse).
I paid my dues myself with hard knocks and learning as I go.

You should take the 12 hour job and learn as much as possible.
You know just enough to start. That is the hard and fast of it.
If you want to jumb into it go to a bigger city and open up a retail gun shop.
YOu will strave or survive.
Sorry no easy answer for you. You have zero practical experence and that is what your employer will see. You have agreat potentional.

YOu want to make 15.00 to start. Ha that's good. Can you complete a .45 action job in half hour? Can you polish a Purdy to 500 grit in one hour?
See you have it in you but most peaple don't want to pay that time it takes for you to learn.

My advise to you is get a any job that pays the bills and start out on your own. Only do what you can and find a shop that can handle the rest and establish a releation with that place.

Of course this is just my opion and the spelling and grammer is all mine.
Good luck.
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