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Perhaps this new proposed law does make sense? Could Mayor Bloomberg possibly be right for once? Or could a law like this be abused by the Government?
Let's examine this for a moment. Under this proposed law anyone listed on a secret "watch list" can, without due process or cause, be denied their rights even when no actual crime has been committed, and in fact when said person hasn't yet even been accused of an actual crime.

The list on which this is based is secret, not available to the public, is based on unknown criteria and managed by unknown persons with no known review/overview and has no method of appeal.

Somehow I don't think allowing the words "terrorist watch list" to erase all rights can be taken as a good idea by any sane person.

(I'm not even going to start my rant about the sense of punishing EVERYONE with a blanket law in the hopes that it might smother the .001% of loons out there).
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