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Swedish Mauser safety issues. (M-96)

My shop has recently acquired a Swedish Mauser. The firearm seems to be in wonderful shape. It has already been sporterized (a shame I know, but not my doing), and no, its not a Kimber Mod. I have dealt with almost all varieties of Mausers; from the good ol' 98s to VZ-24s from Czechoslovakian to German to Spanish, and this is the first time I have ran into these issues. This is also the first Swedish Mauser I have had in the shop. The safety can not be turned on or off when the firearm is cocked. And when the bolt is released the plunger drops. I have never seen this happen with any of the other Mauser rifles, which leads me to believe that it is an issue. I test fire every used weapon that comes into my shop so that I can avoid the nasty repercussions of someone getting a faulty firearm. However, I am not a smithy; just a firearm enthusiast/salesman. I do not feel comfortable test firing this rifle without first getting some input, nor can I sell it in good conscience. So, my firing line friends, any input or advice would be very much appreciated.
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