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Thanks All!!

Thanks for all your input. I was getting caught up in preserving the guns value over making it the way I like it. I only ever sold one gun in my life so collector value and resale are really irrelevant. After looking at your posts I think I have come to the conclusion that a full restoration of the stock is in order. I found some nice scope rings that will cover the holes on top of the receiver and I have a line on a good local guns smith that can fill and re-drill the holes so the front mount will be straight. With the metal blemishes addressed, I will bring the stock back to life. I have done some restorations in the past and a couple of stocks from raw wood and like the way hand rubbed linseed and teak oils turns out. I thought about giving the true-oil a try this time with a darker stain. I don’t like the original color; it is a little orange for my taste. I'm going to darken it a bit with more brown, less red. Oh and thanks for the tip on finishing the checkering. I'll post some before and after photos and the project progresses.
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