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OK, I just happened to tune in on the middle of this testimony before the Senate Homeland Security Committee. I heard "9mm" mentioned, and just assumed that it had to be a handgun. However, I see now that the press indeed says that it was a compact rifle: A Kel-Tec. So I was mistaken in assuming it was a handgun.

Apparently the rifle had been purchased fully lawfully. And that is what the Police Commissioner seemed to be so very upset about.

I've not been able to find any video of the Commissioner himself talking, which is what I saw. However, it turns out that Mayor Bloomberg himself testified immediately before him. And that the new law that they were discussing ( which was not explained while I was watching the Commissioner talk ) is a law to ban anyone on the nation's no-fly list from being able to buy guns. So I had no idea what was specifically being proposed. All I knew was that America's lax gun laws were being blamed for Shahzad having been able to buy a gun.

This article at the link just below talks about the testimony in the committee today. It also has a short video of Bloombery talking, and you can see the police commissioner sitting on his left, waiting for his chance to testify.

The Huffington Report also has a big write up about the new "Terror Gap" that now exists in our gun laws. Here is their story:

Finally, a new political action group has been formed to lobby the government and the American people to strengthen gun laws to keep them out of the hands of Terrorists.

Perhaps this new proposed law does make sense? Could Mayor Bloomberg possibly be right for once? Or could a law like this be abused by the Government?


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