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I don't understand why people feel that the FOID cards and other like systems are unconstitutional. But, it also brings up the issue of "where the line is." So, if the FOID card is found unconstitutional or claimed to be, wouldn't any semblance of carry permits be found unconstitutional, as well. And then background checks? And then waiting periods? And the NFA? Where does it end. I personally feel that the FOID card system is a good system and that it's not unconstitutional. I feel that Illinois legislators often pass laws that make no sense. So, they can crack down more on people who carry a loaded gun without a FOID card, when even people with FOID cards can't carry a gun (loaded or otherwise) legally unless it's in a case. Maybe it's a sign that Illinois may be getting a carry permit soon, as they're legislating something that's already illegal, maybe they're preparing for looser legislature in the future.
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