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IWB for Glock 30 with TLR-1

I have a Glock 30 with a TLR-1 tac light and I want to carry concealed with an IWB holster but Want to keep the tac light on the rail. I know its not typical to carry concealed with a tac light on a weapon but I cant be the only one out there that is doing it or has done it. I have seen the Raven concealment holsters and Blade tech, but they are way to pricey for me and I dont think plastic would feel to great. I have been looking for just a normal IWB holster that would be wide enough to fit a tac light into. The thing with IWB's is that they start to vertically narrow to the point where a rail attachment wouldnt fit. Anyone have a suggestion of an IWB holster that is vertically wide enough to fit a tac light into? Thanks guys.
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