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Philly Gun Task Force uses tax payers money for gun control

I filmed this at a meeting where Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett spoke

I was amazed to hear Corbett admit and even brag about working with convicted criminal Fumo in the Philly Gun Task Force. See the following article:

and this:

The most chilling part of this article states:

Police also plan to ask home owners at times for consent to search their homes without a probable-cause warrant, District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham said Monday.

"If we go to a house, we're going to ask the owner of the house if they will consent to a search for illegal weapons," Abraham said at a news conference. "Any gun that we can find that way is one more gun we can get off the street."

I am new here and would like to hear your thoughts on why Tom Corbett who is now running for PA Governor would support this when he is touted as being pro-gun?
Even more revealing is what you will hear in these videos:

and a response to a similar question by his opponent:

I do have a strong feelings on the protection of our rights as protected in the 2nd Amendment. So when I see politicians use this as a talking point to win votes and then turn around and stab us in the back, saying one thing and doing something very different, this naturally invokes some frustration. At the same time I have read the Law & Civil Rights Forum Rules and will try to keep this thread focused on the issues and records of the candidates legislation, and would ask that those responding would do the same. This is a post that also requires activism so please not only comment but spread this information especially those in PA!

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