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Make very sure that steel targets are slightly angled and you KNOW where the richochet is going to go. I have seen a shooter hit when a bullet came straight back into his face (240 gr. .44 Spl. on a moving swinger, he survived). Steel shooting is perfectly safe if you have absolute control over the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection. The laws of physics do not tolerate any casual attitudes regarding safety. If shooting at a swinging plate do not shoot it again until it stops swinging. They can bat a bullet right back to you. Jacketed bullets can separate and the jacket can become a miniature flying buzzsaw and they don't travel in a straight line. Everyone in the area MUST wear eye protection. I love shooting steel, it is great fun but you must be careful and consider what can happen. As a range officer who has worked many steel matches I have been hit and seen others hit with pieces of flying lead. Most of the time it will just leave a nasty welt, but it can get you an expensive ride in an ambulance and a free interview with the local police.

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