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With me, its varied reasons.

Pistols & revolvers, its cheaper and seems to me more accurate.

Rifles: I use to cast for the M1A so I could practice in an indoor range on 50 ft SM targets in the winter.

To save time and money, I can practice on reduced target at 100 yards for compition.

I can shoot reduce loads in my heavy rifles without getting beat up. Try compairing a 95 grns of 4831 pushing a 400 grn 416 rigby vs. a cast 416 bullet pushed by Trailboss, One hurts and one is a pleasure to shoot.

I built my grandson a 308, to get him to learn to shoot instead of flinch, I load him up cast bullets pushed by trailboss at reduced targets at 25 yards.

In BPCR,...............well you are just suppose to shoot cast bullets, its the law.
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