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Why cast?


It's those "gorgeous" bullets that have me entranced.

I just started adding linotype and the edges are square and the bullets shine like never before. Also as a new caster I realized that alloy and steel molds beat the tar out of WW and alum molds. NOt that I am going to throw out anything. I even shoot all the wrinkled, funny looking ones. Which is probably the second reason to cast, its cheaper.

So now I have a pot, a sizer, several molds, tools from the thrift store (they think that they are kitchen tools, silly). And my wife's cast iron pot, a turkey fryer burner on the way, and various other things like containers, alox, candles etc. Thanks to all of you, a local older guy who started me, and youtube, and the guys at two ranges and several local shops now I are one! Hooray

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