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Scope Mount Elevation VS Accuracy


This is about the scope mount elevation VS accuracy of shots while using the scope for aiming.

Is it true that the lower the scope is mounted, i.e, the more aligned it is with the barrel the higher is the chance you actually hit what you are aiming at?

In other words, does installing a scope over a raised mount or on the carry handle decrease the accuracy of the shots taken using the scope?

Consider this custom fit: (notice how tight is the scope with the rifle's rail -no elevation)

and consider this other fit where the scope is installed on the carry handle:

Please assume both guns have the same features in terms of accuracy, ammo velocity and handling. Let our discussion be centered around the elevation of the scope.

I really appreciate what you guys think about this.

I am panning to buy a M4 style Paintball marker and fit it with a 2x46mm red dot scope.

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