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I really don't understand why anyone would buy a Mini-14 when you can get an AR for the same or less money. A Mini-14 would not make my list of Top 100 rifles.
I have owned an AR. It was fun at first. A good gun, fun to shoot, and lightweight to boot. Accessories and mags are so ridiculously abundant that it's ridiculous.

So why did I get rid of mine?
1. I'm a clean freak when it comes to guns. I was always told a clean gun/machine is a well functioning machine, and an AR take 1.5 hours for me to have clean to MY standards.
2. Bigger money pit than a 10-22.
3. Even though it is a great platform for long range shooting, I don't do enough of it to justify it.
4. Complexity. Anything you need CLP, pipe cleaners, a barrel brush, a separate chamber brush, and probably three or more other things to clean ain't worth it. And you darn near need an engineering degree to completely disassemble one.
5. Stigma. I have all the respect in the world for AR owners, and will probably own another on in the future. However, the AR is one of those rifles that always get funny looks.
"The best caliber and round for self defense are the ones in the gun closest to you" - My Grandfather
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