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Not trying to deceive anyone. When I quoted that price the only Ruger target rifle I had actually seen was priced in the high $900's But you are correct they are selling now for less than when they were 1st introduced. In another posting I underestimated the price of a target upper for an AR. I corrected myself later.

You will find that the prices I quoted for everything else are right on the money. The fact still remains that if you compare apples to apples. Meaning a basic AR vs a Ruger Ranch rifle you can get a Stag for less than the Ruger. You can get a Rockriver or Armalite for less than $100 more. A Bushmaster around $150 more.

Spend your money however you want. My intentions were only to make people aware that quality AR's are available for nearly the same price, or less, than a Ruger. Most people incorrectly assume the Ruger will be much cheaper. It's not.

Added: Looks like we've both been caught stretching the truth a bit. Did you even read the link you posted. The $755 price is the starting bid, not the selling price. I wonder why there has not been a single bid even at that price.

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