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edink wrote
I can put 3 (although I confident one would work well) 9mm Golden Sabers on the same target and in the same time it takes me to re-align my sights after one round of .45 TAP from a 1911.
I discovered a similar phenomenon when comparing follow-up times of reduced-power .357 to .38 special +P in an SP-101. It was one round vs. 2 rounds, respectively. Assuming the .38 special +P is good enough, I don't see the point in optimizing the power variable when I can double my chances of making a decisive hit by choosing the more controllable round.

Similar logic has led me to the conclusion that an even easier-to-shoot compact 9mm with a 14 or 17-round capacity (XD9 SC) makes an abundant amount of sense as a defensive handgun. If a 124-grain 9mm +P hollowpoint is good enough, and I believe that it is ~ nearly on par with the reduced-power .357 and superior to the .38 +P ~ I of course would prefer a much higher capacity, and therefore the potential of more "chances" at making a decisive hit, especially since the gun itself is even easier to shoot quickly and accurately than my SP-101 with .38 rounds.

Train double-taps.
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