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The below picture shows what is concealed under the above untucked t-shirt.

The below picture shows the ability to split around belt loops should you prefer to carry that way.

Just to touch on it a bit, appendix or carry anywhere from 10-2 has some great benefits. Depending on your frame and build, it may or may not work for you though. I find it very easy to conceal while just wearing a t-shirt, I can better access my pistol from here while in a car with my seatbelt on if I had to than if it was further back, and I do not have to worry about bending over and my shirt coming up revealing the handle of a pistol. A lot of professionals will also argue that carry here is a big plus in grounded combative situations. As far as seated though and especially in a vehicle, I still prefer a pistol on the ankle, but when wearing shorts you might get some strange looks in public.

I haven’t just worn the holster; I have trained with it also. It was used for the duration of the OPS Surgical Speed Shooting course taught by Andy Stanford that I attended April 10-11. That class gave me the opportunity to get a couple hundred draws and reholsterings with it in a very short time. Josh has customer service and ease of operation at the front of his mind, he ships all of his holsters that have adjustable retention with the proper size Allen wrench to adjust them. Once I found the retention I wanted, I was good to go. The cut of the holster is just what is needed to get a full fighting grip on your pistol from the start. The sweat guard is just right and is not too large nor does it have sharp edges. All the exposed ends of the kydex are expertly sanded and blended leaving a very clean and snag free holster. Since the holster reviewed here was for a Glock, I will mention that it was molded with an extended slide release so it will work with a pistol that has a standard or extended release. The sight channel run evenly down the entire length of the holster and leaves a snag free draw every time. Being the craftsman that he is, Josh will not let a kydex holster out the door without something he is known for; leatherwork. The loops with pull the dot snaps are leather instead of the normal plastic or rubber which you typically see. It’s a nice change that adds durability as well as aesthetics to the finished product.</p>

The below picture shows just how the design of the holster allows you to draw every time with a fighting grip on the pistol.

I am more than pleased with all of the Kolbeson Leatherworks holsters I have at this time and look forward to all his new products as they come out. At this times, there are 2 IWB kydex holsters listed, a unlined version as reviewed here and a pig skin lined version. Josh prides himself with his warranty and customer service, and for good reason: he wants you to be happy with your purchases. To top it off, he offers military and law enforcement a whopping 15% off discount on his 100% custom made products which is something no one else matches that I know of.</p>

Contact information for Kolbeson Leatherworks is:

Josh Kolbeson
Kolbeson Leatherworks Facebook Page
[email protected]

Disclosure: I am not an employee, nor have I&nbsp;ever been an employee of Kolbeson Leatherworks. The item reviewed was gifted to me by Kolbeson Leatherworks for the purpose of a product test and evaluation. The items pictured and reviewed are my personal property. The opinions and views expressed in the posting are that of my own and are not influenced by any outside sources.
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