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Kolbeson Leatherworks All Kydex ITW Holster Review - now with full review

Kolbeson Leatherworks Kydex IWB Holster
Article found at:
Article by: Eli Miller

I am going to just come out and say it. This is probably the most versatile kydex inside the waistband holster regarding placement that is currently on the market. The size, shape, and loop placement make this a 360 degree mountable holster. There are a few holster makers out there that have figured out the need for loops made to split around a belt loop, but their holsters are generally too wide horizontally to be placed in some positions on the body or any flat spot in general. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that holster makers are now taking into consideration that the body has curves, but again, it takes away from versatility when you are talking about placement. The wider the holster, the more curvature so to speak is needed to make it both comfortable and concealable. With Kolbeson’s  kydex IWB, it is only slightly wider than the dimensions of the gun itself with very little excess material, so no curve is needed to make it fit the body.

Let’s talk construction now. Kolbeson uses only 0.80 thickness kydex which is optimal for strength and comfort alike. It’s a single piece of kydex formed as a clamshell instead of two pieces mated by rivets which make the need for excess material on each side .The sleek, form fit shape adds to the rigidity of the holster also. This design greatly diminishes the chances of the holster cracking because there are less stress areas should a great amount of force be exerted directly on the holster in any situation.

Traditionally I have always worn my primary carry gun at about 3:30 to 4:30 on the body and a secondary on the ankle or in a pocket. With the temperature rising and my dress changing, I have been carrying more and more between 1 and 2 o’clock. Carrying here leaves ZERO print when I wear a t-shirt. Through various training courses, it has been beat into me the need to also have better support hand access to a gun or even my secondary be on the support side. With this, I think another handgun positioned at 11 o’clock is optimal. If you decide to carry anywhere from 10 to 2 on the body, you need a smaller, flat holster.  Some manufactures are placing an offset attachment as a means to secure them to the belt now. With loop placement on the Kolbeson IWB, an offset attachment is not needed at all for any postion you place it at. Put this holster where you want and you will not have a problem, it’s that simple.

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