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I first started casting a while back in order to cheaply put my .32 Win Sp back in action. Bullets for reload were too few, too far between, and I love shooting it too much. Casting was just the thing to do in order to keep the thing fed. Since then I've increased my mold inventory to cover two handguns, three rifles, and all my BP. Next on the list is conical bullets instead of all the RB I've been shooting for my BP revolver.

Why do I do it? Same reasons I reload in general. I could talk about all the money savings--anyone who reloads knows what kind of cost differences are involved once you have your set-up. But aside from that, I just really enjoy the whole process involved in producing my own ammunition--end of story. Casting is just another aspect in that same equation. I can swag my own jacketed bullets for my .357, but I haven't had the time to really dial that in fully yet. Eventually, and hopefully sooner rather than later, I'll be swaging my own 6mm and .30 jacketed bullets as well--I just haven't had enough spare time to machine out the dies yet.

It's all part of a process that I really enjoy, and enjoy even more the deeper I find myself getting in it.
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