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sgt45 and DantheMan: I really wouldn't worry about the noise from a firearm at night. First, just about any substantial hearing loss would require sustained exposure to the noise. If it's a self defense situation, you're talking probably at the very most a couple of shots. Next; you don't see police officers on duty, when they need to draw their weapon, putting on earmuffs or earplugs. They do at the practice range, but not for normal duty. Finally, in a real world defensive situation, your natural body reaction to fear, stress, and anxiety will make you not even think about the gun. Chances are, if you ever had to actually pull the trigger, you wouldn't even remember the noise later on. There are way too many accounts of self defense where the person defending themselves at home emptied an entire magazine at a bad guy. They didn't stop after the first shot because of the noise. If the body's response was the same as it is at the range; where you mind is concentrating on the gun and not the threat, after the first shot you'd react with the: "Damn, SOB, MF, god that's loud". But in reality, you don't.

Your mind is on the threat. Your adrenaline, fear, and other emotions will totally block out the loudness of the firearm. And without sustained contact with the noise, no significant harm will result either. The last thing I want to do is look for earmuffs or have them on. Even if they are electronic. One more thing to go wrong. You have such a slim chance of having to pull the trigger, and even if you do, the chance are highest that it will only be a couple of shots. You'll either hit your target or your target will run away. An actual gunfight is....... well, I'll be nice and just say it's very unlikely. So don't worry about the sound of the gun. You won't react to it if you really have to pull the trigger. Your mind won't let you. It's worried about the threat, not the noise.
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