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Why do you cast, or why dont you cast?

Im still kinda up in the air about casting bullets. I have never loaded pistol before...but jumping from buying rifle rounds to pistol rounds I see a dramatic increase in the price. Especially the 45 ACP bullets. There is a ton of money to be saved...

I DONT want to cast for the following reasons
*I dont know how to do it (Should be easy enough to learn)
*I dont have the equipment
*Potential health risks with the lead

I DO want to cast for the following reasons
*I would enjoy getting that much more involved in the sport
*Save a ton of money
*With the saved money I can shoot even more!

So what say ye? For a long time I have been against casting but looking at the price of bullets...its starting to look better and better.

Aside from price...What do you have to add to the topic? Why do you cast? (Besides price)
And for people who DONT cast...this for you too! Why did you stop casting? Why dont you cast at all?

Thanks : D

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