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I wish the guy was a less wordy writer - most of his points could have been condensed into a fraction of that long read. If he does write a book, I'm not going to buy it!

Yet, his points, drawn from his own unique perspective, parallel the findings of any number of other more objective studies. .40, .45, .357 are better stoppers than 9mm, .380, etc.

Does that change anything for most of us? No. I'm still going to carry my little .380 in warm weather and my .45 compact in cold weather because in the real world other considerations come into play - concealment being the most obvious one. Still, I hope if I ever have to defend myself, it happens when I'm carrying my .45....

I think those who carry full-sized 9mm's might want to think about it since you can get a .40 or .45 in the same size/weight package. But even there, maybe the extra ammo capacity or lower recoil weigh more heavily than the terminal effects in your decision? Keep shooting until they fall down...
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