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castle doctrine

my understanding of the castle doctrine is that if anyone is inside of your home, then you do not have a "duty to retreat" prior to using a firearm against the intruder.

however, there appears to be differing versions of the castle doctrine. as it was explained to me in my home state of indiana, if i catch you in my home, then i can blast away.

however, in my current state of north carolina, there is a clause that says something to the effect of "if they are breaking into your home, then you can shoot" BUT "if you come home and find an intruder already in your home, then you cannot shoot unless they make a life-threatening gesture towards you"

as bass-akwards as this sounds, i asked my CCW teacher to clarify that statement, and he repeated that "if you find someone already in your home, then you can't just blast away"

i won't tell you what i think of north carolina's version of the castle doctrine, but i have a good lawyer, so...
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