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I note that David Kopel has done an analysis of the effects of Mayor Bloomberg's "gunshow" bill S.843, which now has 17 co-sponsors in the Senate.

Some important points to be concerned about:

1. Gun show promoters must register with the Attorney General - Sec. 932(a)

2. Promoters must collect and make available to the Federal government records of every single person who sells or even offers to sell a firearm.

3. The Promoter must verify the picture ID, and get the person's signature that they have been notified of the regulatory effects of the bill.

Also as Kopel points out, "Bloomberg authorizes regulations for mandatory reporting of information that would not even be required for a sale at a gun store. The additional information could include how often the seller had used the gun, if the gun had ever been used for self-defense, where the seller obtained the gun, what the buyer planned to do with the gun, how the buyer planned to store the gun, and much more."

This bill was introduced on April 21 and currently has 17 co-sponsors - this represents a little over half of the solid anti-gun votes in the Senate. Currently it is sitting in the Senate Judiciary Committee. While it strikes me as extremely unlikely that this bill is going to go anywhere this session, it is definitely the type of bill we don't want to go anywhere and is probably worth a mention the next time you contact your elected Representatives.

And a big thanks to gc70 for his great work in keeping this thread updated. There may not be a lot of responses to your work; but I guarantee it doesn't go unnoticed.
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