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Your own needs count

I started off using a collapsable dolly I bought for $5 at a yard sale. I can bungie everything on it and go, and it fits in a small space when not in use. Drawbacks: it will blow over in a breeze, it's not so good on uneven ground or in the mud or sand, and no room for a cooler. I still use it when going to my local 100 yard walk-up range, where everything is paved and I'm only there for a couple of hours. I also empty it as soon as I get to my bench, so no worries there.

This summer I'm going to Camp Perry, however, and I wanted something a bit more substantial since I'll be on the range for perhaps 14 hours at a time and I want adequate stuff with me. I also wanted something easy to move over a variety of terrain. The welding cart fit the bill nicely.
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