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Here's what a holster maker has to say. I wished I had known this a long time ago because apparently for 40 years I have been doing it wrong with saddle soap and mink oil.

Leather Holster

So with all of the many different types of holsters available these days, you decided to take the plunge and invest in a nice leather holster for your gun. With such an investment you will want to be sure that you take proper care of your holster to ensure that it will last for many years to come. So what steps do you need to take to ensure the longevity of your gun holster? There are a few things that you can do that won’t take a lot of time but will present a huge payoff in the long run.

Storage of Your Holster

You will want to store your leather holster in a dry and cool place. You will want to avoid a place with direct sunlight or dry heat. These will cause the leather in your holster to dry out and crack. In addition, your storage place should also not be a place with a high level of humidity. This will cause your mildew, and that is definitely not something you want to have happen to your investment!

If you should choose to leave your gun in your holster, you will want to be sure to check it everyday. You will need to look for things such as moisture, corrosion or condensation. Heavy perspiration or changes in the atmosphere could bring about such conditions and you will need to monitor these closely to protect you gun and the holster and keep them in the best possible shape and condition.

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Cleaning Your Holster

Occasionally you will need to clean your holster in order to preserve the beauty and extend the life of your holster. A simple cleaning will go far to enhance the serviceability of the leather and protect your firearm. You will need to invest in a hard bar of glycerin soap to clean your leather. You will use just a small amount of water with the soap and will work it up into a rich lather. Then you should rub it into the leather holster really well and then you will want to wipe it off with a cloth that is soft in order to avoid scratching or marring your leather. After you have wiped off the soap, you will want to apply a thin coat of Kiwi polish in a neutral color. You will want to buff it with a brush or soft cloth. You should then let your holster dry.

There are a few things that you will want to be careful to not do when caring for your gun holster. You should take great care to not saturate your holster or submerge it in water or a liquid of any other kind. This can cause problems and shorten the life of your holster. If it does become wet, do not try to dry your holster in the oven or put it on or near a radiator or use the heat from a blow dryer to dry it. These can make your leather crack and dry out. The life of your holster will be shortened considerably. Finally, do not use any oils to treat your leather. These will saturate your holster and cause the leather to soften. Your holster will not retain its shape and you will not be happy with it. With a little care and common sense, the life of your leather holster will be extended and will provide you with much enjoyment for many years to come.
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