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Guess things are changing.

I was old school, when they use to look down on people that needed a shopping cart to pack your gear in high power.

We just loaded everything in a the shooting stool, rapped up the scope stand in the mat, grabbed the rifle and moved on to the next firing line.

I also remember the days in LEG matches you couldn't use a mat, you had to load from the person in rappid fire.

Shoot now days you dont even have to Rise before a rapid fire string.

I suppose next they will use a Bus for the run before the Infantry Trophy Matchs.
I hear ya, Kraig, and I'm "new school." Very new.

Too much gear, not enough shooters. Even in High Power and CMP. Looks a little like a geriatric-in-training convention out there.

Look, what do you need on the line?
1 - Rifle and a couple of magazines. Maybe 3, tops, if you've got a single-load mag.
2 - Ammo. Somewhere between 40 and 100 rounds depending on the match.
3 - Ear/eye protection.
After that, everything else becomes discretionary.
4 - Shooting jacket.
5 - Mat.
6 - Spotting scope and stand.
7 - "Shooting stool."

Put your ammo in your rifle case, along with the magazines. Your rifle case has a shoulder strap.

Wear your shooting jacket.

Roll up your mat and sling it over your shoulder. Many shoot mats have a shoulder strap. If not, use a piece of rope.

That just leaves the scope/stand/stool.

Collapse your scope stand and roll it up inside your shooting mat. Cover the lenses of your scope and put it in the little carry pocket of your shooting stool.

Rifle over one shoulder, mat over another, pick up your lightweight aluminum shooting stool and walk a couple hundred yards. Your man card will thank you.

Leave the unnecessary junk back in the car.
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