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Got my gun back from the Sheriff

Finally, today, after well over a year, I finally got my pistol back from the Sheriff's department. I'm not going to go into details why they had it, but I wanted to let everyone know how painless the process actually was.

We've all heard horror stories about getting a weapons back from the police, but this was actually a pleasant transaction. I contacted the detective that handled the case, ans he prepared a property release form. When it was ready, he told me to call the property clerk, who set an appointment for me to come in to the main office. When I arrived, she just asked for my driver's license. The clerk then went into the back somewhere, and in about 10 minutes came back out with my pistol in an evidence box. I signed 1 waiver, and 1 log looking form, and I was good to go.

When I got out to my vehicle, I opened the box back up, crossing my fingers that everything was still in good shape. The gun looked the same as the last day I saw it, and believe it or not, they returned all the ammo that was in the gun when they took possession.

I guess I just wanted to share with you guys, because I was so relieved that everything went so smoothly.
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