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Ok, so thanks so much for all your replies. First off I have been using the FULL LEGNTH die set, because they were new brass. Each brass was trimmed to the correct trim-to legnth (i believe it was somewhere around 1.840) When sizing them I do screw the die in one quarter or so more of a turn. I was not able to have time yet to make a dummy bullet. However I did try to correct the COL from 2.245 (maybe?) to 2.000 and it looked too short for a COL, however it did feel easier, but not as easy as it should when chambering I believe. I did place an empty fired case in the chamber and it chambered nice and easily and smoothly. I have cleaned the bore well multiple passes with my bore snake and oils and what not. Can I remove the barrel and clean the "rifling" or whatever. I guess I just wonder if its being cleaning well when running the snake through. Thanks so much!
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