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Just a NOTE: Maybe related, maybe not.

Day before yesterday, I desided to pop a few rounds. ( I have steel targets set out from 25 to 300 yards, just because I'm too lazy to set out paper targets). Anyway for kicks, my first round was out of my pocket pistol, (642 w/cast lead SWCs) was fired at 15 yards.

I throw the gun up, look down the sights and fired, and WAM, back comes a chunk of lead which imbeds itself in the bottom part of my glasses. I took the glasses off and notice the little piece of lead was HOT.

I mean that sucker came stright back as if it was sighted along my sight radius.

One should always wear shooting glasses BUT NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER, EVER shoot steel without eye protection. I am convinced had I not had the glasses on, I would have lost an eye.
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