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Yes Sir, I fully intend to keep them in the family, one of the very few things I have of my Brother's. I am attempting to put together a Presentation Box with the proper accessories at this time. They have never been cocked, and I hesitated to unlatch the loading levers to look for that reason, had I done so, I think it would have been obvious that they were a clone. I have had an opportunity to visit with a gentleman connected with one of the reproduction manufacturers, he knows a bit more of this convoluted story. It does seem that ASM did indeed make pistols to be sold as Third Generation Colts, and some were distributed, but, as we seem to have discovered, there were glitches and something happened to stop this. Now whether these guns were returned to ASM to be stamped or what, he did not know, but he was of the opinion that they were originally received by the vendors unstamped. This all comes from a man who is speaking from memory and hearsay. I mentioned that this stamping is very, very faint, and a judicial use of emery paper would probably convert it very quickly. I do not intend to do this, just oil them up and keep them for my Great Grand Children, and just hope and pray that the government does not see otherwise.
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