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ok, so this seems weird but how can the C.O.L. effect the bolt closing? In my eyes I see the bullet can be seated to any depth and still work just because the entire barrell is a .20 caliber. Is this not correct then? I guess I don't understand completely how the bullet should seat in the gun. Also the primer is seated properly I believe. Isn't the brass suppose to sit inside of the bolt? I'll explain the order of operation as it is happening:
1. place brass in magazine.
2. slide bolt forward.
3. bullet feels like it stops (I assume headspacing is 0) (the bolt still needs to go forward about 1/4 of an inch!)(thats why I don't see seating the bullet another .100 is going to do any different.)
4. then I press forward with the bolt pretty hard and it feels like a spring 'gives' and the bolt goes forward. It almost feels like the extractor spring, or the other little round circle thing inside the bolt is what is 'giving'.(what is that part called?)
5. press down the bolt.

thanks again!
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