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Might sound like self-evident input, but...

With either round, neither of which are ballistically impressive, controlling accurate follow-on shots is likely to be pretty important in a gunfight.

I fired a friend's Walther .32 ACP and was amazed at it's inherent accuracy - it just felt good in my hand. I own a Beretta 3032 and find it quite accurate - for me, not saying it would necessarily feel that way to you.

If it's possible it would be beneficial if you could fire the pistols you're considering before you buy one, to compare them and see which one seems to work most effectively for you - which one feels best in your grip, etc.

The feel of the gun and it's recoil, and how inherently accurate you are with whichever platform you select, seems to me to be every bit as important as which of those two rounds you select. Out of the very short barrels on these pistols I suspect that where you can hit with multiple shots rapidly is going to be as or more important than what you hit with.

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