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Only 10 rifles??? Lets See:

1. I need a good quality 30-06 bolt action rifle - Make it a custom Remington
2. For one of my "Black" .223's, I'd probably choose a Sig 556
3. Gotta have at least 3 .308's: FN FAL
4. M1A
5. PTR-91
6. Can't not have an AK-47
7. Have to have at least one machinegun - AC556 (does that count as a Mini-14?)
8. Yep, I would like to have an all stainless Mini-14 with an upgraded laminated stock, heavy fluted barrel and gas block. Much classier than the everyone-has-one AR-15's!

So, I guess my answer is "yes" I would like to have a Mini-14, but it's a little down the list.
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