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I made a list and it was really close, but no it did not make it. And if you are one of the types of guys who like having the same rifle in different calibers its going to be even harder.

I had 4 bolt actions, 2 lever actions, and 3 semi autos and the mini 14 does not make it to my top 3 semi automatic rifles.

My top 3 semi autos would be:
1) M1A
2) Robinson XCR (and many other AR style carbines are modular too, so kind of a two-fer)
3) My third pick I am not sure of yet, but because the XCR shoots 223 like the mini 14 and the mini is just based off of my #1 pick, there would be no reason for me to own this rifle.

But this is all hypothetical, I only own 3 rifles and I live in california, so REALISITICALLY, it would probably be on MY list.
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