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Up in Northern Arizona it is tall pines and gets damn cold with snow.
Up there I dig a hole and start a fire let it burn and cover it with dirt then sleep on it. Oh yea, that was 30 years ago, I'm in my 60s now.

Once on an elk hunt I parked my green pick-up in some trees during an Elk hunt. I went out that day and when I came back my truck was gone!
I knew where I was and knew my way out. I just didn’t want to lose my truck. Well I was just standing looking into the woods and their “it” was my truck. I spent two days looking for it and it was right in front of me. I walk by it several times and never saw it! I camped about 100 yards from it.
We did not buttons that made the horn honk back then for you young guys.
"I won the Darby award for land navigation when I was in the Rangers too."
But not this time I couldn’t see it sitting in front of me.

“Go figure”
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