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I'm curious Fingers . . . . . do you see any noticible differences in these compared to the '51 Navy? By that, I mean any little minute difference that you would notice if you had one of these and a '51 Navy in your hand and you fired them? I guess I'm talking about the 'function" of 'em. I know the obvious - round barrel versus octogon, etc. Just curious. I have a love affair with the '51 Navy but these really appeal to me for some reason - probably because of their history and well as their resemblence to the Navy. Don't know if I've asked this very clearly but I think you'll understand what I'm talking about.

By the way - you're right - you automatically get a "pass card" on possessing these - your g-g-granddaddy earned that right for you! Thanks!
If a pair of '51 Navies were good enough for Billy Hickok, then a single Navy on my right hip is good enough for me . . . besides . . . I'm probably only half as good as he was anyways. Hiram's Rangers Badge #63
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