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Fingers or madcratebuilder will have better information that I do, I'm sure, but I'm just waiting for the ball game to start so I thought I'd send along my thoughts.

Sure sound like Colt's Manufacturing Company Second Generation guns to me. I hesitate to use the term 'replicas' as they are considered to be genuine Colts, simply made later than the first generation guns were.

I believe gun No. 1 is probably an F Series 1860 Army model. 7,593 were made with rebated cylinders from Nov 1978 to Nov 1982. Serial numbers 201000-212835. 2,670 were made with fluted cylinders from July 1980 to Oct 1981, serial numbers 207330-211250.

Gun No. 2 is undoubtedly an F Series 1847 Walker model. 2,573 were made from June 1980 through April 1982, serial numbers range from 1,200 to 4,120. Another 245 were made between May and Sept 1981, serial numbers 32256 through 32500.

Source: The Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms, Fifth Edition (2007).
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