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Shooting Steel....

I joined an outdoor club recently and they have a steel range. Up till now I've only shot paper indoors. OMG I can believe how much fun shooting steel is. I had my RIA Tactical with a Ciener 22lr conversion upper. Shot about 200 .22lr rounds with that. Then I took out my Tanfoglio TA90 9mm and shot another 100rnds with that. I followed that with 200rds for .40S&W in my Beretta PX4. I ended my session with 300 Rds thru my STI 9mm Spartan 1911. They have 8" and 11" rounds at varied heights, 24" and 36" ground poppers, two resetable rows of 6 11" plates at 4' high. They also have raised steel bins where you can stand up bowling pins. Shot most from the 15yrd line with some from the 10yd line. I was most accurate with the .22lr and the STI Spartan 9mm both 1911 imagine that. This is bad - real bad I am so hooked my ammo bill is bound to increase...
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