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Cimarron Lightning

This is my old orginal Cimarron Lightning. Got it back in 1992. These came in
barrels of 22 cal thru 50 cal. I have the 32 & 45 barrels. They also had a
Flintlock version. Changings barrels is a snap as only one screw is removed.
Two different barrel makes were used, Green Mt. & DeHass. Original price
was 350.00 This is still our main pistol for compention. It has won five
National Championships. Going for six this year. The company has been sold
and I believe is still being made in Jefferson City Mo. No it's not for sale.
The wife would get rid of me before she would the pistol, you see, I really
don't own it, she does. I just get to use it and clean it. is offline  
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