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Uberti Factory Stamp - "U" surrounded by an Octagon

Now that the wonderful age of fairly affordable digital cameras is here would somebody please assist me by taking a photo, a closeup or macro photo of the Uberti Factory Stamp or Uberti Factory Mark - the infamous letter "U" surrounded by an Octagon.

I have busted my knuckles on the keyboard trying to google up a nice closeup of the Uberti Factory Stamp in ANY form and no luck.

I just realized that if a piece does not have this stamp upon it then one would have a very difficult time arguing during resale that it is indeed an Uberti.

It "might" be an Uberti barrel with the black powder disclaimer many of us are familiar with ... but I'm thinking that "U" inside an Octagon might mean a lot if it were found on the frame or on the barrel.

Would somebody please take a Macro photo of the Uberti Factory Stamp. It doesn't matter how good the photo is and of course, if you want to try to make an awesome photo of it please, accept the challenge.

And perhaps this thread can become a documentary of how that Uberti Factory Stamp has:

- changed over the years
- which black powder models it appears upon
- where it appears on the piece
- if it no longer appears on that piece, etc ...

It's just a lil' ole "tee" thang, but to some ... it means a whole lot.


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